Other Reports & Presentations

2013 Route 66 Task Force Recommendations

2013 Capital Improvement Presentations

Total Identified Captial Needs (6-28-13)

2012 Fee Review Task Force Documents
Findings and Recommendations (3-8-12)
Comprehensive List of Fees and Charges (4-19-12)

2011 Council-Manager Subcommittee Documents

Charter Provisions from 20 Comparable Council-Manager Cities:
Composition of the City Council
Role of the Mayor on the Council
Hiring and Firing a City Manager
Council Authority Over Subordinate Personnel
Appointing a City Attorney
Appointing a City Auditor
Appointing a City Clerk or Secretary
Powers and Duties of the City Manager
Contract Signatory - Mayor or City Manager
Process for Setting Salaries of Elected Officials

2010 Election Reform Task Force Documents
1988 Report of the Charter Drafting Committee
2006 Final Report of the Citizens Commission on City Government
Other Cities - Partisan/Non-Partisan Elections
Independent and Third Party Municipal Candidates
Municipal Campaign Finance Law
Municipal Runoff Elections
Other Cities - Residency Requirements for Elective Office
Task Force Findings and Recommendations (6-22-10)