Budget Reports

City of Tulsa Fiscal Constraints

With our first century now behind us, Tulsa has grown into a sprawling, maturing, core city, with all of the attendant challenges and opportunities. City government services are expensive, highly specialized, and spread across a vast geographic area, but the sources of funding available to pay for these critical services are limited by state law. The primary funding source - the sales tax - is uniquely susceptible to economic shifts, yet demands for city services often rise as revenues fall.

Beyond the inherent difficulty of relying so heavily on a single, volatile source of revenue to operate a complex municipality, the City is losing millions in sales tax revenue each year to state-imposed exemptions, internet sales, suburban retail development.

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Adopted Budgets

The Charter provides that the Mayor will submit a proposed budget to the City Council by May 1st each year. The Council reviews and revises the proposal according to its priorities. State law requires the City Council to adopt a budget at least seven days before June 30th, the end of the City's fiscal year.


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